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buildings, structures

The company started in 2001 with the assistance of Hungarian individuals. The main objective in the field of construction and problems unique to the static nature of the tasks to be resolved as.

Successfully, We apply structural reinforcement methods, technologies ( handwork requiring proccesses as well, if needed) with our customers, content, What are works of art of the buildings-strengthening basic, vertical structural elements ( u.m. walling, Pillars, Columns ) , horizontal structural elements ( u.m. lintels, Floors ), or reinforce the roof, increase the carrying capacity or restoration.

With such sensibility, and care we treat special issues, even if they different from the routine..

For us, the cause of satisfaction when the task was performed correctly, problem is completely solved and it is associated with the customer's expectations.

For us it is important to traditional values. We want to provide ourselves a hundred-page contract, but we believe the contractors handshake also confirmed a fundamental understanding of.

We have business liability insurance, which both contractual partners, all third party, serves as the safety of our employees, although fortunately there was no need to mobilize.

We look forward, After we saw that what they read and trust in us.

Structure Confirmation

base reinforcements

Alapsík süllyesztés
Base level lowering

Mega Pile

micro piles

Soil Nails

Toronyalap megerősítés
tower base reinforcement

wall seams

Födém megerősítés
Slab reinforcement

Gerenda födém rendszer
Beam slab system

Guest Slab

Bauxitbeton szerkezetek megerősítése
Strengthening bauxite conrete structures

Függőfolyosó megerősítés, felújítás
Ambulatory reinforcement, Restoration

Acélszerkezetek, kiváltások
Steel Structures, replacements

concrete Drilling

Templom felújítás
Temple renovation

Lépcsők, kapuk, korlátok, kerítések
Stairs, Gates, parapets, Fences

Vasbeton donga héjak, tartályok
Reinforced concrete stave shells, tanks