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Structure Confirmation

Structure is based on the following reasons may serve as confirmation:

  • Design flaw
  • Execution error
  • Structure change of mounting conditions, the deterioration of the
  • The material change in holding, the deterioration of the
  • Function ( load) change
  • When you use external cause of damage
  • (accident, natural forces)
  • Temporary reinforcement
  • The confirmation is more advantageous than the rebuild (cheaper, faster, Monument)

You can add any of the above Fund to strengthen that structure.

All the instruments of ratification, in accordance with the principles, you can group:

    • Structural changes in boundary conditions
    • Structural changes in the degree of firm ( internal structural element)
    • Increasing structural inertia
    • Structure material strength, Changing the strength of relationships
    • Relieving
    • External power input (tension)