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Ambulatory reinforcement, Restoration

Hard-tipped steel reinforced concrete slab hanging corridors:

Multi-storey buildings, For the "tenements" common console rigid steel-reinforced concrete beam hanging plate corridor. These edge holders in order to keep the casing is usually built into the disk plane is higher than the upper plane, Unfortunately, that is the essential resource on error, Thus, these devices deteriorate over time in any event. The repair is done, we took that zone behind the edge, if necessary, replace the flange mount and the remaining intact plate anchored to building new relationships monolithic cantilever plate.

Stone tablet hanging corridor:

The style is more consoles and buildings was the most dependent of the court wall front corridor lamellar structure raised stone. If the plate is broken, or highly flies, replaced, In case of historic buildings - - or should be improved. The cross section of the lower plane disappeared tension Sikadur® glued carbon fiber blades or replace them sticking Bruton Saver spirals, , the push-- and shear load capacity and various resins and stainless steel pins being restored.

Of course, the corollary to this clear structural interventions coverings, insulation, renovation and other accessories are also.