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Strengthening bauxite conrete structures

The bauxite binder, the aluminum cement – 1928 and used in Hungary between the end of the forties, and has accelerated since the application economical work (Contrary to conventional Portland cement donated by established during a two-day). In the 1930s onwards until 1942 – mainly in Budapest – many residential, public, and the use of industrial building made of bauxite. During the war defenses, bunkers built it, At the end of the forties are often used in the restoration of war damage.

It became clear by the end of the 60's, after that solidification specific chemical reactions are initiated by the material of bauxite and lead them in strength. For more than thirty years Based on the testing experience, Straining rate to less than previously assumed, but not negligible. The real situation could be exacerbated by possible adverse environmental effects, such as humidity and high temperature. Taking into account the fact, the inherently lower-strength bauxite, as obtained using portland cement concrete. It is therefore necessary for the bauxite structures and regular professional monitoring, and periodic testing instrument.

Specific confirmation of such buildings is carried out, Examples which you see in the pictures.