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Beam slab system

The precast joist ceiling economical solution to develop semi-monolithic systems. The system consists of conventional concrete lining and a monolithic concrete body from the prefabricated slab next to beam. The structure of static load calculations verified. The ceiling system apply to the procedures for the monolithic structures dimensioning, therefore there is no need for authorization of the product ÉMI.

Areas of use:
Suitable for, amongst others, the load-bearing buildings, offices, health and educational institutions to prepare intermediate and roof slab. In addition to proper positioning of the joist top add reinforcing rods cantilevered beam can be operated so as balconies design is not a problem.

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The beams 1- 6 m capable of bridging between , 50 cm in size in steps. The minimum width 10cm, Accordingly 1,2-6,2m length of the beams. System advantage, the prefabricated beams are among the longest any harder 110 kg-than, that without lifting equipment, can be manually moved into place.

The precast concrete base 12 cm x 4, 5 cm cross size, where (B) 500 B-class strength longitudinal reinforcement are placed. The sole is made of concrete C16 / 20 Elm price strength class of concrete. The upper longitudinal bar and the shear reinforcement is B 500 (B) steel. The steel inserts welded to relate to each other, about forming a truss.

The joists should be allocated as 60cm, among them traditional EB 60/19 bodies are lining. Structural thickness of the rough slab 25cm, on the site it is necessary to use 6 cm top concrete. The basic raw slab self weight is so 3,46 kN/m2.
The beams reinforced with reinforced normal-and produce. For whatever normal armoured span of the floor joists top dead weight load limit on the raw structure 9 kN/m2, armored and reinforced beams 11 kN/m2.Before the reinforcement beams 11 kN/m2.