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Quick slab system

The Fast intermediate slab system- and the final bottom-roof slab, suitable for temporary or replacement technology. The damaged floors problems quickly, mechanic character interaction to resolve. The method of EMI and the ceiling 2000 Kft. “Utility Model” (2.210 Patent No.) protected. The design and construction of the slab only 2000 Kft. entitled.

Benefits of.

  • -Fast: 0,1-0,35Oh/m2 each brigade the intervention time is short.
  • Simple: Require little digestion, mounting dry-type technology.
  • Economy: The original structure, housing and building engineer was not affected.
  • Comfortable: The intervention should be confined to the premises under the slab. The duration of the intervention and the inconvenience of renovation works in a paint-work equivalent.
  • Ease: In case of multi-storey building is a building negligible weight increase, the new structure is very easy.
  • Durable: Depending on the material of the holders out of place aggressive environments.


  • -Ceiling height reduction: The bridged structure reduces the opening near the ceiling height up to 5%.

  • -Main walls shall be of sufficient capacity ones

Placing the brick walls of the easiest wall corner, pillar buildings difficulty.

The slab-confirmation steps for the execution of the:

  • The wall structure of the building is made soundness expert opinion.
  • The diameter of the hole in the floor for free wall corner, empty weight and the wall is determined by capacity.
  • The holes can influence the allocation of the height of the structure, architectural point of view, it is very important (height necessary).
  • The holes are so-called tubular cable lugs. They kept the lifting clamp.
  • Load-bearing structure between the retaining straps (for ex.. trapezoidal slab) a mechanically soft (polystyrene plate) take over the burden of the old slab material through driver.
  • The clamps are holding couples (for ex.. steel truss long anchored hot-dip, impregnated wood, etc..), which fully take over the role of the old slab.
  • The ceiling temporarily crucified necessary, and finally replaces the damaged structure.
  • The ceiling suspended ceiling system is supplemented by any, practical drywall system.