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base reinforcements

Base Confirmation the following procedures you may need to make a decisive:

  1. For existing buildings there are no signs of uneven subsidence, but load growth ( for ex.. attic storey or ) to be counted. In this case, the static designs custom-made to run up against the construction of plate ( See picture disc against the construction of the basement ), as we increase the load bearing pressed as pile or pile group preparing.
  2. missing teeth being fitted you may need to take deeper plane of existing building Foundation, or base level lowering ( Special menu), with the help of pressed omega piles
  3. Referring to uneven subsidence – typically oblique – cracks appear on the building. This may occur on the walls, ceilings, Perimeter, while the doors are starting to nip.

subsidence possible causes:

  1. Rainwater ( possibly confined waters ) inadequate drainage, water pressure or channel breaks
  2. Variable volume ( moisture swells and softens, drought shrinks ) clay soils
  3. Unknown cavity ( pliers ) tearing, or in the absence of soil mechanics unknown, poor load-bearing capacity of subsoil
  4. Badly chosen form the foundation ( flat foundation ) or foundation depth
  5. Improper workmanship ( for ex.. at the junction of buildings with or without basement )
  6. Vibration ( earthquake, vehicle traffic )
  7. Massive earth movement ( soil slack caused by river wall collapse, slide )

We can detect theese sinkings by the following methods:

- flat foundation reinforcements

  1. Base level lowering (Special menu)
  2. Load flat base reinforcement

This typically can be used for particulate soils. The building was used counterweight, Funds placed under load sheets hydraulic press, expected load value 3-6 fold. Then - even 15-40 cm- entrench incumbent sunken space between the bottom sheet and the base, or we brick it pinned. ( see the picture of a pillar base confirmation prompt ). All this is doing intermittently, lower than in the base plane.

- deep paging reinforcements ( Special menu items )

  1. Pressed as pile
  2. micro Pile
  3. Soil Nails

In the case of cracks in the masonry reinforcements essential corollary to the basic appearance of the wall sewing (Special menu) and possibly crack injection.