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Mega Pile

Pressed to confirm the mega fund confirmed the settlement spread the load of buildings we use. Here comes the possibility to increase it to a certain level of subsidence.

Variable Volume clay soil, or in the case of deep-seated bearing soils the most rational solution.

The process:

- Main Walls, In addition to excavation pillars prepared, where about 100 cm deep, 50 cm wide we go below the set.

- The building was used as a counterweight starting tip, about. 40 cm respectively extended hydraulic cylinders typically pressed down 120-250 mm-diameter steel shell (or prefabricated WC. bodies pile), until it reaches a depth of several feet of soil is adequate capacity.

- Ready for (based on soil load) mode, set the calculated load capacity (typically 40-60 t), which covers the consolidated load capacity. Design of pile groups, of course, much more capacity is available.

- In this position, ensure the installation of tensioner, the piles under load, "Kickback" should be without-concrete can be placed out.

- Reinforced concrete pile head provided a direct link between the base and the bottom of the pile.

- After backfill and compaction being restored to the original state.

The Benefits of the mega-pressed pile method:

- This process is very heavy-duty base reinforcement, Starting as a reinforcement of houses, historic buildings through, Strengthening multi-storey buildings can be.

- Good price. Because of the method compared with other basic technology of verification procedures, up to two to three fold differences may emerge in favor of the extrusion process of settlement.

- Reliability and economy. The method accurately scaled, because the center of gravity can be calculated by the structural engineer and stamping shall be regulated accordingly be hydraulically. "The building can be balanced with".

- Each completed piles "trial accused".

- Dry technology. Excess moisture during the construction of the building..

- A major advantage of, it may also be possible to perform the confirmation, where larger machines (for ex.. jet grouting) Because you do not have access footprint. The machinery is up by one man be raised, portable

- The ground compresses the surrounding soil compacted piles, because the piles are forcing the

land of your own along cross-section. The surrounding soil zone capacity to grow.